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If the blows could have just a little more space in between them

I'm fizzling out like a dying shooting star. I'm burning out like a unattended fire. I'm exhausted and worn out. I'm losing my fucking mind.

I will be coming back. I'm leaving for California on the 2nd of November. I will be writing everyday while I'm gone.
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Life is tough :\
I noes. le sigh!
<3 Try to relax out in the sun Sky.

Love you like WHOA, and don't forget to take some pics while you're there :D
if you only knew how pale I really am. I don't do well in the sun! lol

love you so much, so very very much.

definitely will take pics!

might be wearing a skirt ;o)
i like watch-ing the bottles gather rain
<333 blind melon
You better. ILU. <333
zomgz, so much love for you my love. <3 x 238403840293840293840192384029384012938402193840192834092834