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I think you're crazy, maybe.

Sitting in front of our friend Bill's house waiting for him to come back from the bank.

Igor is learing to play the drums one beat at a time.

He also said it was a good way for him to relieve tension and aggresion and anger.

I was trying to look badass. It did not look good.

Washing rocks for Matt's turtle's home. They were getting mossy.

I had to be a posin' emo kid. WHICH I'M NOT!

I just thought the double Igor mirror effect was cool.

Bee eff ness.

Igor put a bandana on me. I look like a gypsy!

SO GANGSTA!!! so not.

Igor wore the monkey the whole day. He later moved so that it was wrapped around his head and neck.

We were joking around and making fun of Igor and he goes, "I'M GOING HOME!" and faces the wall. So I took the picture and he goes, "make that one say, 'IGOR WENT HOME'". So I did. end of story.

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