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I'm a fucking work of art.

PaloAlto86: I told the "10,000 battered women and a deaf guy" joke to my parents
PaloAlto86: my dad thought it was hilarious, my mom gave my dad a dirty look, and suddenly my dad didn't think it was so funny anymore

PaloAlto86: yeah, me and jesus were hanging out watching the sixth sense the other day, and when that kid said that he saw dead people I turned to him and was gonna be like "hey j, don't YOU see dead people?" but before I could get a word out he beat the fucking shit out of me and screamed "I HATE THAT DAD DAMN JOKE"

F e a r less Me: man who knew drugs were addictive?
F e a r less Me: they should teach us that or something!
PaloAlto86: I knew, believe it or not I'm a D.A.R.E. Graduate with a Minor in "Cigarettes are bad" and a Major in "Man I'm so fucked up".
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