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I write to remember, because I'm a million miles away

less concerned about fitting into the world: your world that is.

Schuyler. the girl anachronism.
21 April 1987
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behold the world's worst accident:
I am the girl anachronism.

new jersey girl, new jersey girl you're wicked awesome. - nerf herder

I'm becoming less defined as days go by, fading away
And well you might say I'm losing focus
Kinda drifting into the abstract
in terms of how I see myself
Sometimes I think I can see right through myself
Less concerned about fitting into the world,
your world that is
'Cause it doesn't really matter anymore.

Nine Inch Nails - Only

I look like this


My name is Schuyler.

01. No one ever pronounces my name right or spells it right. (And no, you will not get it right either.)
02. I currently reside back in the 201 of Dirty Jersey. I live in a town no one has heard of called Woodcliff Lake. I used to live alone in a two bedroom aparment on theNorthend. I had a breakfast nook dubbed "the Champagne Room" by the one and only Cory Peck.
03. I have recently discovered I can put my leg behind my head.
04. I sit on my knees in desks because I have no ass. (On the other hand, I can truly say, I can't ever get my "ass" kicked.)
05. Arm me with a pen, a notebook, some good tunes, and a cigarette and I'm golden.
06. I have three tattoos, and am always wanting to get more.
07. I have 2 eyebrow rings which I disobeyed my parents to get but have wanted since I was eleven and waited till I was eighteen.
08. I am fearless to the concrete world.
09. I heart cartoons and comic books.
10. Music/Writing = Life
11. I have a Fender Telecaster named Colliepe.
12. I bite my nails.
13. I hate drama. Period.
14. I have a hard time creating and keeping friendships with girls and seem to find comfort in guy friendships more.
15. I have yet to discover I am a girl and have never learned the fundamental skills of being one: I am baffled at the concept of make up, skirts, and high heels.
16. I'm dangerously un-paranoid.
17. I still sleep with a stuffed animal named Puppy.
18. I like to cuddle, bitches.
19. I'm a sucker for a great book, a croissant, and a comfy place to lay.
20. I am a wicked hardcore ice cream fan.
21. I say "chocolate" funny, get over it. My friends haven't.
22. I have a strange accent, often noted that although I am originally from New Jersey, I do not sound like it. (I have mass amounts of hidden Jersey pride)
23. I'm a great listener.
24. I love a good conversationalist.
25. I have an overwhelming guilt complex. I often say "I'm sorry", probably all too much, but I always mean it.
26. I'm a pool hall junkie.
27. I'm a smoker and do not appreciate people who de-value me because of it.
28. I used to be a fat kid. Infact, I still think I am.
29. Due to the above statement, I can out eat anyone in the world.
30. It takes a lot out of me to accept a compliment.
31. I wear two different colored Coverse High Tops and Berks all year 'round
32. I am a Wallflower.
33. I don't sit still and often breakout into spontaneous dance.
34. In April of 2005, I dislocated my left knee playing hacky-sack by myself in high school music theory class.
35. My hair is never seen in its original color and I am unaware of its true natural color.
36. My birthday is the unluckiest day of the year for me.
37. I'm the coolest hippie ever.
38. Anything you can do, I can do better.

to all the ones that hated me the most, a toast!

I am not original.
I am the combined effort of every one I have ever known.

Kiss my Converse.

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