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my box.

If you don't know what the title of my journal is about, you're wicked silly retarded.

F e a r less Me: sometimes I wish the icons on AIM were bigger
F e a r less Me: so i could put up a really skanky picture of something
F e a r less Me: and have it be like RIGHT THERE
remmmmyyy: haha like what
remmmmyyy: paris hiltons vagina?
F e a r less Me: BIG BOOBS
F e a r less Me: no man, your vagina.
remmmmyyy: i hope not right now
remmmmyyy: its not in the best of spirits
remmmmyyy: what with having a massive yeast infection and all
remmmmyyy: oh ya. i went there.
F e a r less Me: as least it's not the clap.
remmmmyyy: i suppose your right.
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