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alot of things in my journal are FRIENDS ONLY; alot of things are open to the public

COMMENT ON THIS ENTRY if you want to be added. you know, if you wanna read meat and potatoes stuff or, if you're a vegetarian, the veggie burger and potatoes stuff.

the links below provide all you need to know before you really get to know me.

my name is Schuyler.

01. No one ever pronounces my name right or spells it right. (And no, you will not get it right either.)
02. I currently reside back in the 201 of Dirty Jersey. I live in a town no one has heard of called Woodcliff Lake. I used to live alone in a two bedroom aparment on the Northend. I had a breakfast nook dubbed "the Champagne Room" by the one and only Cory Peck.
03. I plan on moving back to Boston as soon as possible, even if I have to run away.
04. I sit on my knees in desks because I have no ass. (On the other hand, I can truly say, I can't ever get my "ass" kicked.)
05. Arm me with a pen, a notebook, some good tunes, and a cigarette and I'm golden.
06. I have three tattoos, and am always wanting to get more.
07. I have 2 eyebrow rings which I disobeyed my parents to get but have wanted since I was eleven and waited till I was eighteen.
08. I am fearless to the concrete world.
09. I heart cartoons and comic books.
10. Music/Writing = Life
11. I have a Fender Telecaster named Colliepe.
12. I bite my nails.
13. I hate drama. Period.
14. I have a hard time creating and keeping friendships with girls and seem to find comfort in guy friendships more.
15. I have yet to discover I am a girl and have never learned the fundamental skills of being one: I am baffled at the concept of make up, skirts, and high heels.
16. I'm dangerously un-paranoid.
17. I still sleep with a stuffed animal named Puppy.
18. I like to cuddle, bitches.
19. I'm a sucker for a great book, a croissant, and a comfy place to lay.
20. I am a wicked hardcore ice cream fan.
21. I say "chocolate" funny, get over it. My friends haven't.
22. I have a strange accent, often noted that although I am originally from New Jersey, I do not sound like it. (I have mass amounts of hidden Jersey pride)
23. I'm a great listener.
24. I love a good conversationalist.
25. I have an overwhelming guilt complex. I often say "I'm sorry", probably all too much, but I always mean it.
26. I'm a pool hall junkie.
27. I'm a smoker and do not appreciate people who de-value me because of it.
28. I used to be a fat kid. Infact, I still think I am.
29. Due to the above statement, I can out eat anyone in the world.
30. It takes a lot out of me to accept a compliment.
31. I wear two different colored Coverse High Tops and Berks all year 'round
32. I am a Wallflower.
33. I don't sit still and often breakout into spontaneous dance.
34. In April of 2005, I dislocated my left knee playing hacky-sack by myself in high school music theory class.
35. My hair is never seen in its original color and I am unaware of its true natural color.
36. My birthday is the unluckiest day of the year for me.
37. I look like this.
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